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A key rationale for reform in WA Health is the need to deliver a sustainable, equitable and accountable health care service to all Western Australians. Our intention is to deliver sustainable resourcing and world-class management of health budgets.

Critical to ensuring an efficient and well-managed health system will be an entire overhaul of our information and communication technology (ICT) systems and better and smarter ways for the purchasing and using of services and equipment.

We Commit To:

  • Incrementally introducing a population based Resource Allocation Funding Model.
  • Establishing a four-year planning horizon for budgets and resource allocation.
  • Developing rolling equipment replacement and building maintenance programs.
  • Delivering major structural reforms and achieving better efficiency in our system.
  • Exploring innovative solutions for capital and infrastructure resourcing and major procurement initiatives such as Public Private Partnerships.
  • Ensuring our information and communication technology aligns with the Clinical Services Plan.
  • Implementing legislative overhaul to underpin WA’s public health system.
  • Implementing community reporting on health system performance.

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