There are a number of programs and activities that encourage increased consumption of fruit and vegetables in a variety of settings and locations. The following programs are initiatives of the Go for 2&5® campaign.

Fruit’n’Veg Month
Fruit ‘n’ Veg Month
Fruit ‘n’ Veg month aims to increase awareness of the need to eat more fruit and vegetables. The month provides a focus for different organisations to promote fruits and vegetables using a variety of activities including public relations. Schools have been conducting Fruit’n’Veg weeks or months for almost a decade in some states. Worksites are also participating in Fruit’n’Veg Month promotions. Fruit’n’Veg Month is scheduled for September in 2009. Available in WA, SA, NSW, ACT, QLD & TAS.
Crunch and Sip
Crunch&Sip;® encourages children to eat fruit and vegetables and drink water every day. Schools implement a formal break allowing students to eat fruit and vegetables and drink water in the classroom. It is a healthy way for children to refuel, it aids concentration and mental and physical performance at school. It is suitable for adoption at worksites. Visit the Crunch&Sip;® website to find out more about a program.