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Tips to get 2&5.

It’s easy to ‘Go for 2 and 5’. Simply add an extra serve to the meals and snacks you already eat.

Here’s how:

  Fruit Tips  
Add to breakfast cereal or yogurt
Top toast with sliced bananas
Grate apple or pear into pancake mix
Blend soft fruit like bananas, strawberries or tinned fruit with skim milk, yogurt, and ice for a frothy fruit smoothie
Pack fresh fruit for a quick snack at any time
Freeze bananas, grapes, strawberries and oranges for an icy snack
Puree fruit and pour into ice-block moulds to add to drinks
Add fresh or dried fruit to muffin or cake mixtures
    Main meals
Include dried fruit in recipes for stuffings
Add fruit to savoury salads
Add fruit to baked fish or chicken
Add chopped dried fruit to couscous (eg. apricots or apple)
Chop fruit into bite-sized pieces and thread onto skewers for a colourful kebab
Cut into pieces, add to a parfait glass with yogurt
Serve fresh seasonal fruit for dessert
Puree stewed fruit as a topping for desserts or swirl into yogurt