Kids Only

 Large citrus fruit with thick skin. Traditional breakfast fruit, add grapefruit segments to rich meat glazes, add to fruit salads, marmalade.

Varieties include:
Thompson: Yellow skin with pink-red flesh.
Wheeny: Thin green/yellow skin with many seeds and a strong lemon-like flavour.
Marsh seedless: Has a pale yellow skin at maturity, pale yellow juicy flesh, mild flavour and very few if any seeds. 
Ruby or Red Blush: Pink-red flesh with a smooth skin that has a distinct pink blush.

Choose heavy fruit, lighter fruit can have thick skin and minimal flesh and juice. Small blemishes on skin do not reduce quality of fruit.

Under refrigeration.

Serving suggestion:
Avocado, pink grapefruit and paw-paw tossed with warmed honey and lime juice.


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