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Yellow, oval shaped with pointed tip and shiny skin. Distinct citrus fragrance. Drinks, marinades, salad dressings, garnishes, flavouring in cooked dishes, desserts, marmalade. Lemon will stop fruit and vegetables from turning brown when cut.

Varieties include:
Eureka: rough, rippled skin, bottom has prominent point, flesh is very pale green in colour.
Meyer: smooth, pale orange skin when mature and not as sour in taste as other kinds. 
Lisbon: smooth skin, yellow flesh. Good for cooking and juicing.

Choose heavy fruit that is glossy, yellow and firm. Ripe lemons should have a pleasant citrus fragrance.

At room temperature or under refrigeration.

Cut into slices or wedges to garnish drinks and fish dishes. Remove pips. The rind or zest may be grated or thinly peeled. The juice may be squeezed and used fresh or frozen. The white pith is bitter and should be discarded.

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