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Smooth, golden yellow to red skin, with inedible seed. Highly fragrant when ripe and will yield slightly to pressure. Eat fresh, fruit salad and platters, savoury salads, compote.

Varieties include:
Mayglo, Rose Diamond, Riverzee, Swanzee, Spring Bright, Summer Bright, Fantasia, Fairlane, Flamekist, Summer Fire, Red Glen, August Red, Sunwright, Sundowner, Sunblaze, 3-4, 82-17, Sunraycer, Sunripe and September Red: All yellow fleshed.
Queen Giant, Artic Rose, Artic Snow and Artic Queen: White fleshed.

Choose fruit without blemishes and bruising. Green fruit will not ripen properly as it has been picked when immature.

Ripen at room temperature, may be kept under refrigeration for short time.

Serving suggestion:
Combine sliced nectarine, wedges of honeydew melon and mango with rocket. Dress with a red wine vinaigrette.

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