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Health Clinical Pathway Group (HCPG)

The HCPG is a statewide group comprising of healthcare professionals with an interest in evidence-based practice, and in particular the development and implementation of clinical pathways, from both the public and private sector.

The aim of the group is to :-

  • Share evidence-based resources
  • Share information and clinical pathways
  • Provide a network of contacts
  • Learn from others’ experiences

The aim of a Clinical Pathway is to :-

  • ensure no critical aspects of care are forgotten and all interventions are performed on time
  • ensure the principles of evidence-based medicine guide the care provided for that patient type
  • be pro-active in planning care
  • facilitate earlier discharge
  • promote and maintain quality outcomes

For more information please contact:-
[email protected]
[email protected]

The group meets 2-3 monthly. Members do not need to be in the metropolitan area to be involved as contact can be via email.

In 2001-02 the group were involved in the WA Health Department Adult Asthma Clinical Pathway project.

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