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 Children 1-3 Years

The pre-school years are the ideal time for children to learn to eat a variety of nutritious foods. At this age children are often fussy but it is important to keep offering a variety of foods at regular meal and snack times. Small appetites, firm likes and dislikes, and quests for independence, find many parents looking for a drama free family meal – Tucker Without Tantrums.

The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating will help you select the type of foods to make the best choices for children. Remember, the amount children eat varies depending on their appetite and individual needs as they are growing.

There are only a few foods that are not suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Whole nuts are not recommended for young children because of the danger of choking. Honey is not suitable for children less than two years of age as it contains bacteria that can be harmful to infants. Reduced or low-fat milk is not recommended for children under two years.

It is recommended that young children are not given “Extra” foods (or very occasionally only) as they replace other foods and the essential nutrients needed for growth and development. 

Extra foods: Some foods do not fit into the five food groups. They contain too much fat, sugar and/or salt and very few essential nutrients. Choose carefully – only eat these foods sometimes and in small amounts. Avoid sugar substitutes and drinks in high kilojoules, sugar or artificial sweetners (eg. soft drinks and diet drinks).