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 Banana Freezies



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Imagine a crunchy banana ice-cream! Banana Freezies are ice creams that you can make yourself. They are so-o delicious! Have them waiting for you in your freezer for when you come home from school. Makes 10.

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10 bananas (use ripe ones)
¼ cup 100% orange juice
½ cup crushed peanuts

Shallow bowl
Chopping board or foil
Popsicle sticks (ask Mum or Dad to buy them at the supermarket)

1. Peel bananas.
2. Pour some orange juice into a bowl. Dip bananas into orange juice.
3. Spread the crushed peanuts on a board or a piece of foil.
4. Roll bananas in crushed peanuts.
5. Put popsticks into the bananas and place into the freezer until frozen.
6. Eat!

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