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Difficulty – Medium

This recipe makes a yummy hot breakfast or can be part of a lunch or dinner meal. It is a great way for you to use up leftover vegetables such as potato, onion, tomato, peas, broccoli, capsicum, pumpkin. If you don’t have leftovers simply chop some of your favourite vegetables into small pieces and steam or microwave them first. Makes 4-5 serves.

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4 eggs
1 tablespoon margarine
2 cups cooked vegetables

Small mixing bowl
Large frypan
Measuring cups and spoons

1. Chop vegetables into small pieces.
2. Use a fork to beat the eggs.
3. Turn stove on. Put the margarine in a pan and melt over MEDIUM heat.
4. Stir in vegetables.
5. Add the beaten ages. Turn down the heat.
6. Cook gently over low heat until the egg mixture is firm.

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