Kids Only
 Kids in the Kitchen

These recipes can be made by a child (or beginner cook) with little or no help. Each recipe is set out with easy-to-follow steps. It is usually a good idea to make sure there is an adult around to answer any questions.

Each recipe has been marked on a scale rating:

Easy: One green star - easy  Medium:  Two yellow stars - medium  Hard:  Three red stars - hard

Easy recipes involve simple steps and will be easier for younger children. Hard recipes require chopping with sharp knives or tricky utensils, use several stove hot plates or oven shelves, or more complicated steps.

Before you begin to cook you should read the recipe through from beginning to end. Check that you have all the ingredients and equipment in the recipe. Get them all out before you start.

Be a clean cook:

  • Wash your hands before you start to cook
  • Wear an apron or play clothes
  • Wash all fruits or vegies in your recipe before you start to prepare them
  • Don’t lick your fingers or any kitchen utensils until you have finished cooking
  • Always wash and put away your utensils and clean up the cooking area when you have finished

Be a careful cook:

  • Adjust any oven shelves before you turn on the oven
  • Turn the oven to the correct temperature before you start to cook
  • Use oven mits to remove hot dishes from the oven or stove
  • Remember to turn off the oven or stove when you have finished cooking
  • Be careful with sharp knives, keep your fingers away from the blade
  • Always cut food on a chopping board

Select from the recipes below and enjoy!


Apple jaffles - medium   Apple scrolls - hard   Banana freezies - easy   Carrot and walnut muffins - medium
Chocolatey fruit balls - medium   Chunky chips - easy   Citrus mousse - medium   Coco banana bites - easy
Corn on the cob - easy   Crunchy baked bananas - easy   Easy vegie slice - medium   Frittata - medium
Fruity filled baked apples - medium   Fruity crumble - medium   Kebabs - easy   Peach pancakes - medium
Potato pizza - medium   Pumpkin bake - medium   Savory pinwheels - hard   Spicy Indian beans - hard
Strawberry surprise - easy   Universal stir-fry - hard