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 Toasted Tortilla Sandwiches


Tortillas are a flat bread made from either corn or wheat.
Tortillas can be warmed in the oven, steamed, grilled, heated in a microwave or toaster or baked in the oven.

5 minutes preparation + 5 minutes cooking
7 serves of vegies in this recipe

4 small tortillas
300g can four bean mix, rinsed and drained
1 teaspoon chilli sauce
1 small avocado, peeled and sliced

Mix beans and chilli sauce together and make sandwiches of tortillas, beans and avocado slices. Place on a non-stick fry pan to brown. To flatten, place a plate on top and weight it down with a large can. When browned and crisp, turn over. Repeat for next sandwich. Serves 2.

The two types of tortillas, wheat and corn, come in small and large sizes. Choose size according to use.

Cook in a sandwich maker until crisp and brown.

Serving suggestion
Serve with a side salad of crisp lettuce, cucumber and tomato.

Recipe © State of Western Australia, 2012.

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