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Egg shaped with thin, fuzzy skin with tiny edible black seeds. Salads, puree, garnish, decoration for desserts.

Varieties include:
Hayward, Bruno, Dexter and Monty: Brown skin and emerald green, juicy flesh.
Kiwi Gold: Smooth, brown skin and gold flesh.

Choose only firm fruit, which yields to gentle pressure. Ripens at room temperature. To accelerate the ripening place in brown paper bag with an apple or banana.

May be refrigerated for a short time.

Cut in half and scoop out flesh with a spoon or remove skin and slice. Ripe kiwi fruit may be sieved to make a delightfully coloured puree for decoration of desserts.

Serving suggestion:
Cut in kiwi fruit in wedges, layer with cubes of rockmelon and natural muesli. Serve with low-fat yoghurt. 
Wedges of kiwi fruit are a good crisp contrast when served with spicy chicken. 

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