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Small oval fruit about the size of a small plum, with red, leathery skin, sweet translucent juicy white flesh and inedible large glossy seed. Eat fresh, fruit platters, fruit and savoury salads and in Asian dishes.

Varieties include:
There are many varieties including: Tai So, Bengal, Haak Yip, Wai Chee, Gee Kee, No Mai Chee, Fay Zwei Siu, Heong Lai and Kwai May Pink.

Choose only ripe fruit, green will not ripen. Must be firm with no signs of decay at stem end.

Store covered under refrigeration. Lychees deteriorate rapidly.

The skin can be easily removed with a knife run gently round the centre, and the two halves will part. Remove the seed.

Serving suggestion:
Quickly stir-fry scored squid sprinkled with lime zest, add chilli jam, limejuice and olive oil and stir to coat. Serve immediately over the top of rocket leaves and lychee halves.

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