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Also known as papaw or papaya. Oval, thin smooth green/yellow skin, inedible black seeds. Flesh can be golden yellow or orange red. Eat fresh, fruit salads and platters, savoury salads, chutney and relishes.

Choose sweet smelling fruit without bruises and black spots, which show sign of deterioration. At times ‘freckles’ appear on the skin and these do not affect the flesh.

A very delicate fruit, handle carefully to minimise bruising. May be stored under refrigeration for a short time.

Serving suggestion:
Pawpaw wedges with lemon or lime juice squeezed over makes a refreshing treat.
A simple rice pudding served warm with slices of pawpaw and topped with passionfruit pulp.
A thick slice can be served as a ring, remove the seeds and fill with chicken salad or a combination of fruits.
Chopped pawpaw is great with tropical chicken, veal and seafood dishes and especially Thai flavours.

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