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SA Health launched phase three of the Go for 2&5 campaign on Sunday 18 September 2011. This third phase focuses on continuing to educate the target audience on what constitutes a serve size. It also emphasises the need not only for adults to increase their consumption, but to also model good eating behaviours to children.

For more information about resources available for residents in South Australia, visit the SA Health website.


To view the television commercials or read the scripts click on the links below:

  Role Model TV commercial >> Read the Role Model TV script (PDF 37KB)


To listen to the radio commercial or read the script click on the links.

  Listen to Bloke radio commercial Read script (PDF 57KB)


Print Print
To view the print ads click on the links below.

  Autumn A4 (PDF 1.1MB) Winter A5 (PDF 737KB)
  Autumn A5 (PDF 725KB) Summer A4 (PDF 1.2MB)
  Spring A4 (PDF 1.2MB) Summer A5 (PDF 741KB)
  Spring A5 (PDF 774KB) Serve size A4 (PDF 1.9MB)
  Winter A4 (PDF 922KB) Serve size strip ad (PDF 664KB)


Community Education Resources Community Education Resources
To view community education resources, click on the links below.

  Phase Three Campaign Information Bulletin (PDF 500KB)
  Summer Recipe Booklet (PDF 385KB)
  Autumn Recipe Booklet (PDF 350KB)
  Winter Recipe Booklet (PDF 381KB)
  Spring Recipe Booklet (PDF 1MB)
  Adult’s Lunchbox Booklet (PDF 893KB)
  FOODcents Eat Smart Recipe Booklet (PDF 1.2MB)
  The more fruit and vegies you eat, the more they’ll eat DL Brochure (PDF 377KB)
  Get more serves in your day Poster (PDF 512KB)
  Vegie Man & Vegie Kid Poster (PDF 377KB)
  Vegie Man Poster (PDF 324KB)
  Pillman Poster (PDF 213KB)
  Community Event Tool Kit (PDF 1.1MB)
  Vegie Man Mask (PDF 483KB)
  Vegie Man Colour In Sheet (PDF 143KB)
  Vegie Kid Colour In Sheet (PDF 217KB)


Community education resources available in electronic format only Community education resources available in electronic format only

  Serves Brochure (PDF 4.1MB)
  Logo Poster (PDF 295KB)
  Landscape Serves Poster (PDF 1MB)
  Serves Size Poster Portrait (PDF 2.8MB)
  Increase your fruit and veg intake at work (PDF 344KB)
  Choose fruit and veg for a quick snack (PDF 229KB)