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 Department of Health and Ageing Resources

The Department of Health and Ageing Go for 2&5 campaign encouraged Australian parents and their children to increase their daily fruit and vegie intake.

Some resources can be ordered in hard copy via the Department of Health and Ageing order form.

To read the scripts for television commercials click on the links below.

  Read Eat More Script (external website)
  Read Mum I’m Hungry Script (external website)
  Read Looking Good Script (external website)


Print advertisement

  Parents print advertisement – Healthy fast food for your kids (external website)
  General print advertisement – Go for 2 fruit and 5 vegies for good health (external website)


Shopping centre advertisements

  Shopping centre advertisement (external website)
  Example of shopping centre advertisement (external website)


Shopping trolley advertisements

  Shopping trolley advertisement (external website)
  Example of shopping trolley advertisement (external website)



  Booklet – It’s easy to find a way to get some extra fruit and vegies in your day (external website)


Recipe cards

  Vegie Frittata (external website)
  Beef, Broccoli and Snow Pea Stir-Fry (external website)
  Microwave Risotto (external website)
  Apple and Banana Hot Cakes (external website)
  Creamy Vegie Pasta (external website)
  Chicken Burgers (external website)
  Rhubarb and Pear Crumble (external website)
  Tropical Pizza Fingers (external website)


Fact sheets

  Fruit and Vegetable Serves (external website)
  Processed Fruit and Vegetables (external website)
  Tips to include more fruit and veg in your day (external website)