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NSW 2007 Go for 2&5 campaign evaluation found that awareness of the campaign was high and led to positive shifts in knowledge and behaviour.

Fruit’n’Veg Month 2011

Fruit ‘n’ Veg Month is a month-long campaign that provides NSW primary and central schools with flexibility to participate in any one week or more than one week if preferred. Materials and activities are available for the classroom, canteen and whole-of-school. In 2011, Fruit ‘n’ Veg Month ran from 29th August – 23rd September. For more information, visit the Healthy Kids website.


Crunch&Sip is a set break in primary schools for students to ‘refuel’ on fruit and salad vegetables and ‘rehydrate’ with water, assisting physical and mental performance and concentration. Registered schools receive a Resource Pack, which incorporates healthy eating into the classroom and reinforces the principles of Crunch&Sip. For more information visit the Healthy Kids website.