Kids Only
 NSW Partnerships

The 2009 NSW Health Go for 2&5 activities were supported by Area Health Services and the following stakeholders:

  • Alliance of NSW Divisions of General Practice
  • Association of Independent Schools
  • Cancer Council NSW
  • Cancer Institute NSW
  • Catholic Education Commission
  • Diabetes Australia – NSW
  • Dietitians Association Australia
  • Healthy Kids School Canteens Association
  • Horticulture Australia
  • National Heart Foundation (NSW Division)
  • NSW Department of Education and Training
  • NSW Food Authority
  • NSW Health Centre for Aboriginal Health
  • NSW Health Nutrition Network
  • NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service
  • Sydney Markets Ltd

Barden Produce Brokers, Kids & Fruit have sub-licensed into the campaign through Horticulture Australia Limited and are committed to delivering a range of program activities. A number of horticultural industry bodies have also undertaken campaign activities through Horticulture Australia Limited at a national level.