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 WA Partnerships

The WA Go for 2&5 campaign was a collaborative effort between the Department of Health, the Cancer Council Western Australia and Diabetes Western Australia. These organisations worked with a range of industry and non-government stakeholders to develop a cooperative approach to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables in Western Australia.

Healthway, the Office Fruit Company, and FoodBank WA were sub-licensed to the campaign through Horticulture Australia Limited. A number of horticultural industry bodies have also undertaken campaign activities through Horticulture Australia Limited at a national level.

Other non-licenced stakeholders with an interest in the campaign include:

  • National Heart Foundation (WA Division)
  • WA Department of Education and Training
  • WA Department of Agriculture
  • Perth Market Authority and their associations
  • WA School Canteen Association
  • Association of Independent Schools of WA
  • Catholic Education Office of WA
  • Dietitians Association of Australia (WA Branch)
  • Nutrition Australia (WA Branch)
  • The WA Divisions of General Practice