Kids Only
 Light Meals

Light meals include breakfast, sandwiches and soups. They are usually very quick and easy to prepare.

They provide a less substantial contribution to daily intake of energy (kilojoules) and fat.


Chicken Burger 

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Asian Noodle Soup   Baked Jacket Potatoes   Bean & Ham Soup   Beef Stock
Chicken Burger   Chicken Stock   Cowboys or girls Pizza in a Hurry   Creamy Vegie Pasta
Creamy vegie soup   Curried Carrot Soup   Fast vegie spaghetti   Fried rice
Ham and vegie slice   Hearty minestrone soup   Microwave risotto   Potato frittata
Pumpkin soup   Sang choy bow  
  Tropical pizza
Tuna and avocado salad
  Vegetable stock
  Vegie lentil soup   Zucchini and sweet corn soup